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1) Choose any Premade Template

2) You can combine templates with each other, or modify templates to fit your own case

3) Have your premade template ordered and shipped out in just 3-5 business days!

4) If you don't see your rifle, don't worry! Call us at 1-877-412-2737  and we can work with
    you to build a custom case just for you!

Polyethylene foam with water spilt

M4 / AR15 Rifles

McMillan Rifles

Remington 700 Rifles

M4 Rifle Templates

.308 Rifle Templates

Remington 700 Rifle Templates

Mauser .270 Caliber Rifles

.22 Caliber Rifles

Compact UZI

Compact UZI Templates

Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

Sako 85L Kodiak

Sako 85XS Varmint Laminated


Barrett .416 Tactilite T1

Kriss Super V Vector CRB/SO

Weatherby Mark V 300 Magnum

Springfield M1A

Springfield M1A Socom 16

Marlin Model 336A

 AK-47 Templates

Savage Model 64

Savage Mark II TRR-SR


Remington 700 VS SF II

Browning BL-22 Grade 1

Winchester Model 94-30 WCF

Desert Tech SRS

Ruger Ranch Rifle KMINI-14

Kel-Tec SU-16

Volquartsen Fusion

Remington Model 7
with upgraded stock



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