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Cases For Multiple Rifles
Cases Setup for 2+ Rifles

Gun Templates Available

Premade Rifle Cases

2 AR Rifle Case

3 Gun Competition Case

Precision and AR Rifle Case

2 Rifle Case

Universal 2 Rifle Case

2 Rifle (M4) & Accessory Case 2 Rifle (M4) & 3 Pistol Case

3 AR15 Case, SBR Case

2 Rifle (M4) & 6 Pistol Case

Universal 3 Rifle and Accessory Case

3 Short Barrel AR-15 Rifle & 3 Pistol Case

3 Rifle Case

3 Rifle & 1 Pistol Case

4 Rifle (M4) Case 4 Rifle (M4) & Accessory Case

7 AR15 Rifle Case
6 Rifle (M4) Case 7 Rifle (M4) Case Mid-sized Universal Rifle Case

Rifle Cases Ordered Smallest to Largest

Pelican 1740 Case
40.98"L x 12.92"W x 12.13"D

SKB 2SKB-4114A
41.00"L x 14.00"W x 6.00"D

Pelican 1780 Case
42.00"L x 22.00"W x 15.10"D

44.25"L x 17.50"W x 8.00"D

SKB 2SKB-5014
50.00"L x 14.50"W x 6.00"D


Pelican 1770 Case
54.58"L x 15.58"W x 8.63"D


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