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Gun Cases by CaseClub offers every hard gun case imaginable. Our universal pistol case line is sure to protect and impress, and whether you need a gun case for show, one for performance, or one for both, our extensive gun case lines are here to please. Choose from a variety of case types and uses including carrying cases & shipping cases. Not everyone needs the exact same case, so take a look at the CaseClub series which features multiple manufactures, in many industries. Whether you're the elite shooter or the occasional hobbyist, the CaseClub series has the gun case for you.

Pre-made, Universal Pistol Cases
Kevlar Mobile Pistol Vault
Economical Pistol Case
Single Pistol Case

1 Pistol & Accessory Case

1 Revolver Case

2 Pistol Case

2 Pistol & Accessory Case

2 Revolver & Accessory Case

3 Pistol & Accessory Case

3 Revolver Case

4 Pistol Case

4 Pistol & Accessory Case

4 Revolver Case

4 Revolver & Accessory Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle Optional)

5 Pistol Case

5 Pistol & Accessory Case

5 Revolver & Accessory Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle)


6 Pistol Case

6 Pistol & Accessory Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle)

6 Revolver Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle Optional)

7 Pistol Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle)

7 Revolver & Accessory Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle)


8 Pistol Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle)


10 Pistol & Accessory Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle)

15 Pistol Case
(Tilt Wheels & Extension Handle)



Pre-made, Universal Rifle Cases

Universal 2 Rifle Case

2 Rifle (M4) & Accessory Case

2 Rifle (M4) & 3 Pistol Case

2 Rifle Case



2 Rifle (M4) & 6 Pistol Case

3 Short Barrel AR-15 Rifle & 3 Pistol Case

3 Rifle & 1 Pistol Case


3 AR15 Case, SBR Case 3 Rifle Case  

Universal 3 Rifle and Accessory Case

4 Rifle (M4) Case

4 Rifle (M4) & Accessory Case

6 Rifle (M4) Case

7 Rifle (M4) Case

Small Universal Rifle Case (36.50")

7 AR15 Rifle Case

Mid-sized Universal Rifle Case (44.50")

Long Universal Rifle Case (50.50")

Economical Universal Rifle Case (40")


Discreet Universal Rifle Case (46")



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Sportsmen Cases

Display Cases

Military Gun Cases

Hunting Gun Cases

Sportsmen Gun Cases

Economical Cases

Discreet Cases

Pre-Made Gun Templates

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.223 BulletsThe most extensive line of gun cases can be found here. We've taken all major gun case manufacturers and organized them in one spot. Browse our site and you'll find all major case companies and all major types of hard gun cases. With an easy to use website, navigate through the different gun case sections by browsing and choosing a category. We offer single pistol cases, double pistol cases, triple pistol cases, four pistol cases, five pistol cases, six pistol cases, single rifle cases, double rifle cases, and multiple rifle cases.  You will find aluminum display gun cases, aluminum rugged gun cases, military gun cases, and economic low priced gun cases. With so many cases to choose from it doesn't matter whether you have an M4 or a 1911, because we will surely have the correct size for you. With so many hard case manufacturers, the case choices only grow when you consider the case interior. Unlike most other companies Case Club does all foam in house which means we can pick all the interiors to offer the public. We've made our decision and have chosen to offer all interiors for all gun cases. For example other case companies who offer the Pelican 1750 Case only offer it with Flat Foam because that is the only configuration offered by the Manufacturer. The CaseClub series however offers this case in many configurations including Pick N' Pluck, Convolute, and of course "Custom Interiors," setting ourselves apart from the rest. For those individuals that demand the best but also need variety, our gun cases are here to serve. We are constantly updating our case line to stay ahead of the competition, so you can be sure to have the most extensive list of gun cases to choose from.


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